Welcome to Club XCell

It is really unfortunate that the fitness industry today is dominated by a lot of false promises, fancy (yet useless) equipment, so called experts, and creams that apparently melt fat. All this conflicting information causes a lot of confusion for the average individual who has a basic understanding of how the body works.
To counter this information overload we, at Club Xcell, have simplified matters into three fundamentals:
  1. Assignment of GOALS (Primary / Secondary) or What do you want to achieve?
  2. These Goals have to be SMART:
    • Specific (Fat loss, muscle gain, strength, endurance, flexibility etc.).
    • Measurable (Through - Body weight, key measurements, body fat %, pictures etc.).
    • Attainable (Limitations in terms of genes, hormones, time, energy and motivation).
    • Realistic (There are NO overnight fixes).
    • Time Bound (How much time are you going to devote to achieving this Primary Goal?).
  3. A PLAN or How do you achieve your goals?
    • A Primary Goal Specific Exercise Regime (Different goals require different exercise regimes).
    • A Primary Goal Specific Diet Plan (Different goals also require different diet plans).
  4. A FEEDBACK SYSTEM or Is my plan helping me achieve my goals? And, equally important, Am I following the plan as directed?
    • Workout / Diet Journal.
    • Recording bodily changes.
    • Primary goal: Fat Loss.
    • Secondary goals: Functional Strength, Endurance and Flexibility.
    • Exercise regime: A high calorific output progressive exercise regime.
      • Components: HIIT, Resistance Training and Stretching.
      • Time Period: 12 Weeks.
      • Frequency: 3 times a week. (Plus three times a week spinning)
      • Time Slot: To be announced.
      • Days: To be announced.
    • Diet Plan: A calorie deficient low carbohydrate diet plan.
    • Workout / Diet Journal: Self chronicled / partly assisted.
    • Recording bodily changes: Fortnightly measurements which will include:
      • Bodyweight.
      • Body Fat Percentage.
      • Key Measurements.
  4. In the first session we shall:
    • Talk about the mechanics of fat loss in the human body
    • Talk about the common myths associated with fat loss and fitness levels
    • Talk about what everyone can do in their daily life to maximise fat loss potential.
    • Talk about how one should maintain a Diet / Fitness Journal.
    • Understand and record individual fitness levels, current diets and 'before' stats.
What we expect from you:
  • Motivation: Your body is entirely under your control, do you WANT TO make a difference!!
  • Discipline: We can only guide you through this process; results will come from your efforts.
  • Training experience: Correct form is imperative for injury prevention and effectiveness.
  • PATIENCE!: Getting lean is a lifestyle commitment and cannot be achieved by quick fixes.
What you can expect from this programme:
  • A loss of between 8 - 10% in fat content.
  • Increased functional flexibility, strength and muscle endurance.
  • Overall muscle toning and firmness.
    Please note: 'muscle gain' and 'muscle toning and firmness' are not the same (shall be discussed). Muscle gain and fat loss work on opposite principles, since our focus is on fat loss, muscle gain will be minimal if any. Programme's having muscle gain as the primary goal shall be introduced in the near future.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness.
  • An accurate understanding of body functioning.
Since this is our very first programme, we are offering it at an introductory fee of 6,500 per month (plus taxes) for our loyal members, which shall include:
  • The specialised training regimen: 3 times a week.
  • Spinning: 3 times a week.
  • The individualised 12 week diet plan.
  • The Club Xcell training / diet journal.
The starting date and schedule shall be announced within this week. Accordingly, please check your e-mails / check at the reception for updates.
Hope to see you participate, In fitness together,

The Club Xcell Team