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About Club XCell

CLUB XCELL™ was started in 1999 as a product of passion by Kiddy Kaul, a passion to introduce the latest group fitness trends from all over the world to New Delhi. Whether it was Step Reebok®, Spinning®, PowerPlate®, Krav Maga®, Peak-Pilates® or Zumba Fitness®, we have always been the first to offer it to our members.

The founder, Kiddy Kaul, enjoys the distinction of being one of only two people in the world who is an active Global Master Instructor for Spinning® and Peak-Pilates®, this combined with the fact that she has personally instructed over 1,500 sessions in her lifetime; makes her keenly aware of the need for quality instruction in a quality set-up.

As a result, our instructor team is among the best and our brand new look and set up is at par with any world-class group fitness studio. We offer Spinning®, MVe® (A first in India), Yoga, Kick-Boxing, Krav Maga® (for kids too!), Zumba® (for kids too!), Bollyfit, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Ballet, Pilates, Aerobics+Toning, Bootcamp and much much more…

At CLUB XCELL™, we aim to deliver definitive transformative results through innovative programs, in an environment of camaraderie, motivation and fun!